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On June 19, 1998, I set forth upon a journey of discovery. I'm still not quite sure what I sought. Perhaps to find myself. Perhaps to get away. Perhaps to come home. All I know is that the road beckoned, and I responded to its siren call. Blah blah blah. I drove 15,000 miles in 7 weeks, hitting 30 states in the process. I met some great people, had a lot of fun, and learned a lot about America (or, at least, that portion of America that lies within 5 miles of an interstate).

I took almost 1,000 photographs of my trip. About 200 of them are worth scanning. I'll be scanning them in as time and energy permit. Some day, I hope to upload a map of the U.S., documenting the route I took. I also hope to link these images (and the ones to come) to that map, and hopefully make sense of the whole thing.
I also hope for bags full of negotiable bearer bonds. We'll see which I get first.
Anyway, here's what I've got so far. Enjoy.

February 13, 1999

I was impressed as Hell by the Crazy Horse Monument. Rushmore is a drag, but Crazy Horse rocks!
The Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota
June 25, 1998

Everything about Yellowstone was big and impressive, done by people who know how to do big and impressive. So you're driving down the road in June, and there's snow on the ground, and you find out you're crossing (back and forth over) the Continental Divide! Rivers to my right flow East, rivers to my left flow West. There you have it.
June 22, 1998 Yellowstone National park, WY

I hit some balls at the driving range (it was too rainy to play a round), right after I sold my Verio stock. All in all, a very yuppie experience. I've got a great picture of the view from the driving range. Wow.
June 23, 1998 Jackson, WY

By this point (almost 2 full days in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks), I was saying "If I see one more goddam beautiful sprawling landscape, I'm going to puke". But this shot was too good to pass up. A side note: If you're ever taking my picture, please remind me to TAKE MY HANDS OUT OF MY POCKETS!
June 23, 1998 Grand Teton National Park, WY (I believe that's "Grand Teton Peak" behind me)

Lenny, the World's Only Full-Sized Chocolate Moose. 'nuff said.
July 9, 1998 just south of Portland, ME

Did I mention that Yellowstone is a little crazy? I had just finished photographing some bears, and ran across a snowbank.
June 23, 1998 Yellowstone National Park, WY

I am a giant.(that's a man climbing the dune in the upper left)
July 30, 1998 Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO

One of the more artistic shots from the trip, this is the pattern the wind made atop a sand dune.
I have a very nice, tileable version of this shot, perfect for a background image.
July 30, 1998 Great Sand Dune National Park, CO

Yes, that's a *tree* in the background.
August 5, 1998 Redwood National Forest, CA

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