Life is a highway

A Tale of Three (or four) Vehicles

The Bug

My 1999 VW New Beetle Turbo, while was checking it out.
January 18, 2000 Cleveland, OH

The Saturn

My brand new 1997 Saturn SL, when it had 600 miles on it.
February 23, 1997 Bellingham, WA

The Saturn, looking abnormally clean, coming at ya!
October 1997.

Here's the Saturn rolling over 10,000 miles. They just grow up so fast...*snif*
October 24, 1997.

The "Whale"

As promised... Here's the Whale! To all the Geo Metros on the road... Yes, it bites.

The Whale looks imposing just sitting there. Photo circa October 1997, in front of Chez Harris
Click the Whale for a Virtual Tour!

The _Zephyr_

_Zephyr_'s maiden voyage, looking pretty on port tack.
April 18, 1998.

Now, she presents on starboard.
April 18, 1998.

Would you believe that I got her to go wing-on-wing?! Here's proof!
April 18, 1998.

_Zephyr_ plowing up a huge bow wave in about 5kt of wind.
April 18, 1998.

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